Melanie's Musings
February 18, 2012

The Thornton Syndrome

by Nat of The Richard Armitage Fan Blog

Melanie asked that I enlighten
her lovely blog readers about a
rather harmless, yet very real, condition
that has been affecting the lives of women
(and the ones they love) all over the
world since 2004.I speak of none other than…
Thornton Syndrome.

Here’s what happens~
One day, you decide to watch “North & South.”
You pop in the DVD, get comfy on the couch
(maybe with a little mint chocolate chip ice cream
or somethin’) and the next thing you know…
MR. JOHN THORNTON (played by
Richard Armitage) bursts onto the screen!!!

Sure, he’s sort of a jerk at first…
but you can’t take your eyes off of him!

There’s brooding…
lots and lots of brooding.

Not to mention the piercing stare
of hotness
. And cravats.

If that isn’t enough…
the famous TRAIN SCENE!

This, my friends, will seal the deal.
(You will probably squeal. Maybe even drool a bit.)

Before you know it,
you’ll be googling “Richard Armitage”
and rummaging the internet for anything and everything
that might give you a glimpse of the man or
a little more info about him.

You’ll watch every episode of everything in which he has made an appearance… Robin Hood (Gizzy!), Spooks (Lucas!), Vicar of Dibley (Harry and his fuzzy sweaters!) until you know each scene by heart.

You’ll watch video after fan-made video on YouTube.
Many of them featuring this character…

You may even start a blog about the fellow
so that you can make fun of your obsession
while at the same time gush over him!
(It has been known to happen.)


That’s what Thornton Syndrome can do, folks!
It affects everyone differently, but be warned:
a major fangirly crush is bound to happen!

There’s some good news, though…
if you find yourself engulfed by this epidemic,
just remember you’re not alone!

The best thing about being overcome
by Thornton Syndrome (besides loads of
Richard Armitage entertainment) are the
AMAZING friends you will potentially
make in the RA fan community.

Through my blog and joining fan forums
(which I originally signed up for as a self-help
group or something), I have met so many
clever, creative, funny and friendly ladies.
It has been a blast!

So, thank you, Mr. Thornton…
and keep on brooding!

Visit Nat at The Richard Armitage Fan Blog and watch some of those aforementioned fan-made videos on her youtube page.

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Posted by Melanie at 10:09 am – Comments (9)
Categories: themed week

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  • February 18th 2012

    Haha, so true. I succumbed to this condition as well! It’s very real!


  • February 18th 2012
    Arya said:

    <3 So true!*hides face in shame*


  • February 18th 2012

    This was like reading an account of my own experience. LOL


  • February 18th 2012

    Even if there was a cure I don’t know if I’d want it. 🙂


  • February 19th 2012
    Gina said:

    Hmm….me thinks this syndrome is HIGHLY contagious…. *opens new window to Google*


  • February 20th 2012

    Oh, I think I definitely have this syndrome!! 😀 I LOVE HIS VOICE


  • February 21st 2012
    Patricia said:

    Haha, this is exactly what happened to me, minus the blog thing, but that doesn’t mean I won’t go out of my way to Mr. Thornton into my blog. I will and shall ;P


  • February 23rd 2012
    bccmee said:

    I’m happily suffering from Thornton Syndrome. It’s wonderful to have a name to put to the ailment.


  • February 23rd 2012

    Yep. I was calmly watching North and South and the ending of episode one hooked me completely. Haven’t been the same since. And on my blog, I have to budget myself …. “Only two RA posts a week.”