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December 2, 2013

Lola and the Boy Next Door by Stephanie Perkins

If these characters were toddlers and I was an old lady, I would pinch their cheeks.  They’re that adorable.

Lola especially. The MC’s got style and knows how to rock it. It was marvelous to have a female who has a substantial amount of self confidence, most of the time.

The focus of the novel is on her point of major vulnerability. A boy named Cricket.


Boys.  Ugh.

You guys, these two could have had the perfect story. They grew up as next door neighbors in a picturesque section of San Fransisco.  They could have had an idealistic high school sweetheart romance!

But shit happened.

Cricket and his family end up moving away after the event-that-is-not-to-be-thought-of.  Suffice to say, Lola was majorly hurt.

Life went on, and Cricket was pretty much going to be that boy in Lola’s past. But then the Bells came back to town.

Oh, the irony.


If Lola walked into a room, I’m pretty sure I’d be impressed by her.  And Cricket? Well, I’d never be able to look him in the eye, but I’d definitely be sporting a crush.

Once again, Perkin’s world is incredibly fleshed out. The setting and the characters, they all have quirks that make them unique. Lola’s an aspiring fashion designer and Cricket Bell (Bell, as in Alexander Graham) has rather impressive inventing skills. Even the minor characters are not to be outdone. Cricket’s sister is aiming to be an Olympic ice skater and one of Lola’s dads runs his own catering business.

Like its predecessor, Lola and the Boy Next Door has a character that’s already in a relationship when the romantic interest appears. It’s a little awkward to read, which I guess is the point. Life’s messy and all that. I do wonder if Isla and the Happily Ever After (2014) will have that in the plot line. Personally, I hope not.

The story of Lola and Cricket is a complex one and it takes quite awhile to get it all out in the open. It was deliciously frustrating knowing that these two had a story but not getting specifics. It’s like having a friend who has a major secret but won’t give, leaving me to jump around and squeal, “Tell me. Tell me!”

Trust me, me squealing isn’t pretty.

In the end, though, everything’s fleshed out in a way that leaves this reader very, very satisfied.  Stephanie Perkins’  Lola and the Boy Next Door is a definite win.

Interested in more? Read my review of Anna and the French Kiss.

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Posted by Melanie at 9:05 am – Comments (3)
Categories: book review

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  • December 8th 2013
    Servetus said:

    Hey, you’re still alive!


    Melanie Reply:

    Amazingly enough, yes!


  • January 2nd 2014
    Gina said:

    Love the review! I’ve heard similar things (about the book’s cuteness) from other readers, just entices me all the more. Thanks for the share! ^_^