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January 7, 2015

Finally Reading that Book of Poetry… And other 2015 Reading Challenges

Twenty Love Poems and a Song of Despair. That’s what I’m starting with for Savvy Verse and Wit’s Poetry Reading Challenge. I’ve read a couple of Pablo Neruda’s poems, and am somewhat fascinated by the mix of ethereal verse and frank sensuality. Here’s one of my favorite bits:

“I awoke and at times birds fled and migrated
that had been sleeping in your soul.”

Beyond Neruda, I’m not sure where I’ll head. Any suggestions? I’m terribly ignorant when it comes to poetry.

Saying I’ll be reading fantasy novels in 2015 is the equivalent of writing “eat a piece of decadent chocolate cake” on my TBR. The much (much, much, much) anticipated sequel to Seraphina, the second Young Elites novel by Marie Lu, anything by Maria V. Snyder I get my hands on… There’ll be plenty of fantasy reading on my end that’ll plop nicely into the Flights of Fantasy challenge.

Cook It Up!Ever since I expressed an interest in not burning things in the kitchen, an alarming amount of cookbooks have been gifted to me. In some cases, just to make space on the other person’s shelf (1980 Southern Living recipe book, I’m looking at you). Finding out which books are keepers will be a challenge and give me a chance to Cook it Up!



“We want to relate, empathize, and be challenged by the situations and personalities we donโ€™t know.” So begins the intro post for Dive into Diversity, perfectly summarizing my motivation for joining the challenge.



I chose to officially limit myself to four challenges this year though I have many more reading goals, like reading non-fiction, listening to audiobooks, reading classics, and finding yet another book that’ll blow me out of the water.

What are you challenging yourself to read this year?

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Posted by Melanie at 8:53 am – Comments (11)
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  • January 7th 2015
    Serena said:

    Thanks so much for joining the poetry challenge and Neruda is one of my favorites. If you want some simpler poems, I would try Mary Oliver or Ted Kooser or Billy Collins. If you’re looking for something with a little more heft, try some translations in the New European Poets Anthology. Here’s some links to other books read last year by previous participants:


    Melanie Reply:

    Thank you for the suggestions, Serena. I haven’t heard any of the three’s poetry, so I look forward to exploring.


  • January 7th 2015
    Estelle said:

    Hooray! So glad to see you are joining #diversitydive! It’s fantastic to meet you and I’m looking forward to connecting with you throughout the year. xoxo


  • January 8th 2015
    Sandy said:

    Neruda! He’s a Chilean poet ๐Ÿ™‚ I visited two of his houses when I was visiting my family over there. His poetry is very good. Have you considered trying Sylvia Plath or Anne Sexton? They’re not in the same vein as Neruda but I remember reading those two ladies for college and though their work was dark, it was interesting.

    I’m not going to participate in any challenges this year. I’m not committing to anything so I can avoid feeling pressure lol. Although I was THISCLOSE to joining the diversity books challenge. ANYWAYS I hope you do splendidly on your challenges and have a fantastic reading year <3


  • January 11th 2015

    That flights of fantasy challenge sounds right up my alley! I read so much fantasy it would barely be a challenge.

    Good luck with all your challenges! The only ones I’ve signed up for are tbr smash and buying ban challenges because I need extra motivation.


  • January 11th 2015

    Melanie! It has been so long! I missed visiting your *house.* ;D Woah, I mean, I have heard of the ”Flight of Fantasy Challenge” but not the others, although I don’t read cookbooks so that’s normal. That ”Dive into Diversity” will certainly be a wonderful challenge. I’m only going to sign up to the LGBT one as one more challenge, aside for the Bookish Bingo one though ๐Ÿ˜› Good luck to you!


  • January 11th 2015

    Good luck with your challenges!


  • January 11th 2015
    Alise said:

    I would also like to read more poetry/verse but don’t know where to start. That quote is lovely.

    Loving your fantasy picks, Seraphina was a delight to read and I have The Young Elites on my shelf, I can’t wait to start it.


  • January 12th 2015
    Aylee said:

    Ah, good luck on your challenges for this year! I’m not participating in any challenges specifically, but I would like to read more diversely this year. A poetry challenge! I would have no idea where to start with that…


  • January 13th 2015
    Bellezza said:

    I will carry on with my classics and books in translation, but I admire your jump into poetry! It’s not a genre I ever read enough of, nor particularly want to read. Sadly, because I always think I ought to.


  • January 14th 2015

    Good luck with your challenges. The cookbook one sounds really fun! I was almost going to suggest good ones to buy but then I read that you wanted to declutter them lol. I love fantasy. I didnโ€™t know there was a challenge for it! Thanks for sharing. ๐Ÿ™‚