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April 25, 2012

Walk Through My Reader: Part 1

Revamping my Google reader was a liberating experience. Comb out dead blogs, add new discoveries, and slim things down was my motto.

Here are the ten book blogs currently living inside my reader:

1. Angieville: Faithful readers of MM will remember Angie from her North and South guest post. Her review of For Darkness Shows the Stars has me pacing for the book’s release.

Books by Their Cover

2. Books By Their Cover: Yan keeps it real. Her reviews are honest and when she interviews authors, she asks crazy questions

3. Frenetic Reader: Khy has really good taste in books. She’s inspired me to finally read one by David Levithan. Perhaps The Lover’s Dictionary?

4. Lisa is Busy Nerding: I’m all for unabashed nerding, which is why this blog is one of the newest additions to my reader.

5. My Friend Amy is where I go for the majority of Christian fiction book reviews I read, as well as great song recommendations.

6. Pirate Penguin’s Reads: I consider Sandy an online friend. We’ve fangirled over many things together, most especially Thornton. And sometimes Darcy. And Valek. You get the idea.

7. Pop Culture Junkie: I love Pop Culture Junkie for its eclecticism. I not only get to learn about books but also movies and crafting. This next winter, I’m determined to make some ornaments.

Small Review
8. Small Review: What I like most about the reviews on Deni’s blog is the Looking for another book like this? addition. Every time I see Poison Study among the recs, it bumps any given book up on my radar by about fifty percent.

9. The Compulsive Reader: When I think of The Compulsive Reader, I think organized. The reviews are thought out and the opinion posts are thought provoking.

10. writemeg!: An incredibly well-written blog, Meg covers everything from books to dating and cooking. Her posts are so conversational, you can’t help but leave a comment.

Now it’s your turn!

What’s in your reader?

Sidenote: This is by no means a comprehensive list of the blogs I read. My other major source for blog posts is Twitter, where I can’t seem to log on without clicking on something.

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  • April 25th 2012

    A. LOVE this feature. Brilliant!
    B. WriteMeg is fantastic. She’s an amazing writer. Love Sandy of Pirate Penguin. She’s like the sweetest. Small Review is like the patron saint of blog advice.

    Great post!


  • April 25th 2012

    I just LOVE Angie and Lisa’s blogs. Angie has this way with words that has me salivating over whatever she reviews and Lisa, well, let’s just say that when she nerds out over something I feel the pressure to go check it out, haha.


  • April 25th 2012
    Lisa said:

    Well thank you, m’dear! Weeding out the Google Reader can be a daunting task. I’m glad I made the cut! :)


  • April 25th 2012

    Fantastic list! Love love love Amy’s site! Also Angieville and quite a few others here, but I hadn’t been to Books by Their Cover yet. I’ll have to check them out!

    PS…I’m just getting to your question from last week about Technorati, here’s my two cents: It’s great if people happen upon it like you did for my site (I had no idea I was so far up! Wow!), but in my stats I don’t get a lot of traffic from there. My other issue with Technorati is that it’s a bit of a struggle to edit your info, sometimes it never saves changes…ever. So it’s a bit frustrating, all for a few extra hits. I’m not sure this helps, but I hope a little bit. :)


  • April 26th 2012
    Sandy said:

    Like Lisa said, I’m happy I made the cut! ;)

    I consider you as one of my closest online friends *hugs* our back and forth emails are always a source of happy times (especially when we fangirl!)

    most of the blogs mentioned here I know of/enjoy/ADORE (Angie’s blog is perhaps one of my top ten favorites) and the others…I’ve never even heard of until now o_o; But I’m fixing that right now…


  • April 26th 2012
    Gina said:

    Great idea and one I sorely need to do. Most of my daily reading through the blogosphere comes from Twitter and friends I’ve made through blogging too. The Reader…floweth over. LOL. ^_^


  • April 26th 2012

    I only read 3 of those blogs. I really need to go through my reader too – I know I’m subscribed to blogs that haven’t posted in years.